Poka-yoke is a mechanism used to eliminate the error by effectively making it impossible to make mistake in a given process.

  • Poka-Yoke is a Japanese term that means "Mistake Proofing". Poka-yoke is in Lean manufacturing is a mechanism that helps an equipment operator avoid(Yokeru) mistake (Poka)

  • Poka-yoke is adopted by "Dr. Shigeo Shingo" as a part of the Toyota Production System in 1960.

  • It was originally described as "baka-yoke" but as this means "Fool proofing" the name was changed to the Poka-yoke.

  • It is one of the Lean manufacturing tools .

Objective of Poka-yoke

  • The main objective of poka-yoke is a "Zero defect"

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