Change point management

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

What are Change points?

we often hear of change point management, so first of all, we should know what is change point?

in daily production activity, there are many changes in 4M (Man, Material, Machine, Method, ) for example- Staff layout change, Engineering drawing change, line layout change for production enhancement, delivery cycle change, Packaging style change, machine condition change for Quality improvements, Jig change, fixture change, recovering from Machine trouble, countermeasure, and troubleshooting, etc. various change occur.

Like this, this point where 4M Change is the Change point in "Change point management".

Types of Chnage point

change point are classified in 4 types

“Gradual changes” and “Temporary changes” are treated by “Trend Management ” or “Operation Monitoring”.

What is Change Point Management

In order to have the ability to Make good product even when change point occurs,

the action plan must be taken before or when change point occurs is called "Change point Management"

Key point for Change point Management

1- Confirm whether the Good production condition is ensured.

2-Confirm the Quality after the change point is equal to or higher than the Quality before

the change point.

3-Inform change points to the concerned process and confirm the influence of changes

Concept of Change point implementation

it is important to clarify the supervisor check point according to three actuals (Actual place, actual goods, actual see)

1- Visualizing change point at the workshop.

• Specify the location of the change point

• Visualize action items from the member‘s action items through the supervisor’s action items for change points

2-Clarifying supervisor’s actions and duties.

• Action for “Today’s Change Point”

• Confirm Change Point (Planned/Sudden

Preparation before the implementation of change point

Change points are stratified into 4M and also categorized into “planned change points” and “sudden change points”.

As for planned change points, it is a changing plan from above level (such as “Engineering change ”, “Process change notification”, “Customer instruction, etc.) and, in case of sudden change points, it is extracted from “QA/QC” or “Production. In this way, they are defined as “Change points that should be managed in accordance with own workplace”.

List of Change point Management Item

when change points occur, it is necessary to create “The List of Change Point Management Items”.

4M Change Control Board

The board should be set up near the morning meeting area

Step of Change point Management

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